Bespoke used casks can be built from three varieties of wood; refill scotch whisky, once used bourbon and red wine casks and are made in three different sizes.

Maximum on one pallet
Blood Tub – 9 units
Firkins – 4 units
Quarters  – 4 units

For full container options please contact us direct


30l Blood Tub
Height 51cms – Width – 42cms – Weight 9kgs

55l Firkin
Height 67cms – Width – 46cms – Weight 30kgs

125l Quarter
Height 90cms – Width – 51cms – Weight 22kgs


Scotch Whisky
Once Used Bourbon
Red Wine

Char Levels

We can de-char and re-char bespoke used casks to your specification.  Char levels are 1, 2, 3 and 4 with 4 being the deepest. Please contact us to discuss your requirements on 01340 881264 or

Influence Guide

There is a multitude of possibilities depending on selection of wood, cask size and char level.

Smaller cask sizes are fantastic for imparting flavours over a shorter period of time for small batch finishes, new product development and the maturation of cask aged beers.

Red wine cask wood can lend the spirit subsquently matured in them fruity characteristics and a red hue.

Scotch whisky wood will have absorbed some constituents of the whisky it contained as the spirit and the wood interact with each other and these flavours can be picked up in future fills.