These are select once-used bourbon barrels made from the best American white oak. Having been filled only once, they have matured Bourbon or Tennessee Whiskey from most of the major Kentucky or Tennessee distillers


190-200l Barrel
Height 90cms – Width 63cms – Weight 50kgs

Maximum on one pallet
190-200l Barrel – 4 units

For full container options please contact us direct.

Influence Guidance

American white oak is an ideal wood for maturing most drinks, structurally strong, less liable to seepage, and typically offering sweeter flavours; vanilla, floral, caramel, and coconut. The American practice of charring a barrel prior to filling allows for greater depth of penetration into the wood by the liquid as well as providing a layer of carbon which is effective at removing some less desirable characteristics found in some young spirit.

The previous filling with bourbon will help soften some of the more intense flavours from the wood but it will remain a very active cask. With plenty of wood extractives and some constituents of the bourbon it previously held taken up by the wood and adding to those powerful sweet vanilla, coconut and spicy wood notes, it is great for having a fast influence upon your own spirit’s character but, also over a longer time giving even greater cask input to the matured drink.