Constructed from brand new virgin oak – American or European (French, Spanish and Hungarian), come in a choice of sizes with various charring and toasting options.


Height 67cms – Width 46cms – Weight 18kgs

Height 76cms – Width 65cms – Weight 28kgs

Height 90cms – Width 63cms – Weight 50kgs

Height 94cms – Width 69cms – Weight 60kgs

Maximum on one pallet
50 litre – 4 units
100 litre – 4 units
200 litre – 4 units
225 litre – 4 units
250 litre – 1 units

American Oak
European Oak

Re-char Levels
We can char bespoke new casks to your specification. Char levels are 1, 2, 3 and 4 with 4 being the deepest.

Influence Guide

In both American and European new oak casks, the wood is untouched by any other liquid.
Whatever American oak is filled with, it will be influenced by the fresh oak character. The heat treatment given to the cask will affect the concentrations of some of the flavours extracted from the wood but generally with new oak, you can expect high levels of coconut, vanilla, sweetness, and spice. Traditionally in Scotch Whisky, virgin oak was considered to impart too much of a woody note, but this makes it ideal if you are looking for drinks with shorter maturation times, or for a cask that will give you that extra level of flavour in a finish or for blending.

European oak is generally less dense and more porous than American oak which allows for more wood to spirit contact. Although still imparting vanilla notes, a lower concentration of oak lactones means that Fresh European Oak imparts less woody coconut aroma than American Oak, whilst having greater levels of tannins and generally adds more toasted spice notes, fruit and colour.