As the name describes, these casks have previously held port wine and are available in three varieties and two sizes.


250l Hogshead
Height 94cms – Width 69cms – Weight 60kgs

500l Pipe
Height 130cms – Width – 93cms – Weight 125kgs



Maximum on one pallet
Hogsheads – 4 units
Pipes – 1 unit

For full container options please contact us direct

Influence Guide

Port casks can impart the spirit with some of the ports red and dark fruit sweetness and can also lend some of the wine’s colour to the spirit. Traditional port pipes will have been used for many years before being sold and so the influence of the wood compounds is less than that of the wine flavours.
Port Hogsheads will tend to have been used for less time and so in addition to the wine, the oak flavours will be more prominent adding vanilla and spice to the fruit of the wine.