These are standard American casks which are just that bit further along in their life cycle. They are available in barrel, hogshead and puncheon sizes.


190-200l Barrel
Height 90cms – Width 63cms – Weight 50kgs

250l Hogshead
Height 90cms – Width 73cms – Weight 75kgs

500l Puncheon
Height 130cms – Width – 93cms – Weight 125kgs

Maximum on one pallet

Barrels – 4 units
Hogsheads – 1 units
Puncheons – 1 unit

For full container options please contact us direct

Influence Guide

The wood at this stage is a little less flavour active, with the extractives having been softened by both the original bourbon fill and then utilised by subsequent whisky fills. The remaining wood influence is dependent upon the number of times the cask has been refilled; the level of extractives reduces with each fill. This alteration is ideal if you want the distillery characteristics to shine through more prominently or if you want the wood influence to develop gently and express itself in a subtler manner.

Although flavours will begin to develop from the time of filling, these casks are ideal if you are looking to give a spirit many years of maturation as they allow for this without the spirit potentially becoming overly woody.