Sherry casks can be made from either European or American Oak. These first fill sherry butts are available in several varieties.


55l Firkin
Height 67cms – Width – 46cms – Weight 30kgs

120l Quarter
Height 90cms – Width – 51cms – Weight 30kgs

250l Hogshead
Height 94cms – Width – 69cms – Weight 60kgs

500l Butt
Height 130cms – Width – 93cms – Weight 125kgs


Pedro Ximenese
Palo Cartado

Maximum on one pallet
Firkins – 4 units
Quarters  – 4 units
Hogsheads  – 4 units
Butts  – 1 unit

For full container options please contact us direct

Influence Guide

These casks will be left with some of the sherry previously held absorbed into the pores of the wood lending the subsequent spirit a darker colour with a big sherry flavour. The end results vary depending on the variety of sherry cask used; for example Oloroso imparts rich and nutty notes whilst Pedro Ximenez would impart a more spicy/chocolate note.